Allergin Disclaimer:

Delta Bound uses the following in its Restaurant & Food Truck/Trailer.

If its not listed below, it is your responsibility to ask before consuming any food/drink or when you walk into any establishment serving food. 

Delta Bound takes no responsibility for allergic reactions to customers or other caused when coming in contact &/or from consuming food from its Restaurant and Food Truck/Trailer.  



Wide Arrange of Seasonings & Spices

Flours, Grains


Fish, Chicken, Pork, Beef

Fry w/Peanut Oil (Restaurant) ***Please read the online referring to Peanut Oil 

Fry w/Canola Oil (Food Truck/Trailer)




Latex Gloves for food service

Bleach (for sanitation purposes)

Hickory, Cherry Woods for Smoking meats, oils, seasonings.

If you have allergies and are not sure, please feel free to contact us. Always refer to your doctor for absolute 100% understanding of what you can eat or where you might be in contact with any of the above.