Stacey has added another Mobile Kitchen / Food Truck to their business in the Nashville area. This one hones in on his passion for MEAT. This unit created by Chad Johnson of Ennis, TX, brings 4ft Grill & a 2x2 Vertical Smoker.  Also, it will have a 90lb crawfish/shrimp Boiler. This mobile kitchen has the 3 compartment sink, hand-washing sink, its screened in, refrigeration for kitchen operation & plenty of work space. The trailer is about 22ft long w/ tongue, 8.5 feet wide & about 13 feet in height. It is powered by a whisper generator. If your looking for Delta Bound Food Truck cuisine, know this Kitchen does not do it on this setup. Coming in March 2019. 



Serving - Nashville, Franklin, Spring Hill, Columbia, Murfreesboro, Middle TN


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Delta Bound Mobile Kitchen


Started in 2012, the Delta Bound Mobile Kitchen became very popular in the middle TN area. To this day, you can find some of our favorite food truck menu items being served in our restaurant. On a given day on the serving on the streets or corporate locations, from the food truck, you'll find 3-5 entrees and 2-3 sides on the menu.  However, with private events, we can work with you to customize a menu that best works for your occasion.

This trailer unit is aprox. 22 ft long w/ tongue, 8.5ft wide, & about 15ft in height. It has 2 service windows (rear passenger side & back). Powered by Honda Whisper Generator, & for our cooking equipment we use Propane. We ask that we have easy in & out, limbs cut above 15ft, ample parking & maneuvering. We normally do not disconnect our rig unless we agree beforehand.  If so, we charge a $50 fee & we will be onsite a little earlier to accommodate this. 


+ $150 Non-refundable Booking Fee Paid day of booking 

+ Sales tax of 9.75% on entire balance

(+) 20% Service Fee (Catered Private Events/Corporate/Private Parties)

+ Price Per Person or Per Menu Item(s) 

(+) Travel/Mileage if more than 50 miles roundtrip from our Restaurant. 

*Setup normally 30 mins & Breakdown 30 mins = 1 hour,

keep in mind when choosing a window.* 

5 Hour Window = $1500 Guarantee/ Minimum (Chosen normally up to 200)

4 Hour Window = $1300 Guarantee/Minimum (Chosen normally up to 160)

3 Hour Window = $1000 Guarantee/ Minimum (chosen normally up to 120)

2 Hour Window = $650.  Guarantee/ Minimum (chosen normally up to 80)

1 Hour Window = $500 Guarantee/Minimum (chosen for up to 40)

(We are not clock watchers & we can work with you, but we ask our Clients to understand each minute we work outside our window, we incur extra expenses.)

We can serve approximately 40-50 people per hour (based on menu).

Keep in mind average Menu is no more than 3 entrees, 2 sides, Drink, &/or Dessert for serving 40-50 per hour & based on menu options. 

Basic Terms & Agreement

Payment of Non-Refundable Booking Fee or any upfront payment is the Binding Agreement of the basic terms listed here & anything written (emails, via social media messaging, contracts, invoices, etc.) before it was made. Written & Mutually Agreed on Changes made after booking fee, may result in changes in pricing, terms, etc.. Verbal changes, agreements &/or terms will not be accepted & is not binding.  

If the Client/Customer cancels, they must do so 2days / 48 hours in advance of the start of the event.  If not canceled in advance,  50% of the outstanding balance (to recoup expenses) will be due to Delta Bound and its Owners the day of Cancelation. Non-payment might result in legal recourse. 

All outstanding Payments are made Day of & Are NON-Refundable.

Bounced/Canceled Checks (Insufficient Funds, etc.) or Non-Approved/Canceled  Debit/Credit Card payments will result in the Maximum allowed Penalty by law. 

Non-Payment Day of, we (Delta Bound and its Owners)  reserve the right to charge a minimum 10% late charge fee per day based on total agreed sum. 

Non-Payment within 3 days, the Client/Customer is responsible (liable) for any and all legal fees, court costs, collection fees, losses, damages, bank fees, etc. that Delta Bound & Its Owners incur in order to receive agreed sums. 

These terms may be repeated and expanded on in the future  - disclaimers in emails &/or contracts , invoices, etc.


Non-Charity Events we will pay flat rates, but we impose a guarantee that the fee will not exceed 15% of our sales. If an event is 4 hours or less, our sales will need to be over $1000 for us to pay a fee.  With our many experiences EVENTS have been overbooked with food/food vendors, unknown last minute to us - extra vendors being on site serving, free food given out unknown to us, lack of Marketing, disorganized First Time Events,  rained out & still had to stay on site (we do not stay if there is continual rain without cover), not close to the action (where the customers are), projections in attendance being way off, etc. have caused us to have to limit our payout on events. As you are, we are not in the business to lose money. We will work with reputable Events/Coordinators. 


Charity Events we pay 10% of sales after $250 has been collected by Delta Bound. This covers our bottom-line expenses. We only ask that you consider, we expect to serve a minimum 40 people per hour we are on site.  The only way we can continue working with Charitable Events, is if we are able to sale food.  Also, consider that we donate ( in various way) to many charitable organizations throughout the year and without making money we are not able to continue do so. So its important NOT to overbook Food Trucks / Food, be conservative on your attendance projections, & be willing to work with the us or other Food Trucks (ex: serving window, time on site, etc. ).

We are not difficult people to work with, we have just been let down many times over 6 + years by failed events that were only trying to line their pockets with zero consideration to us or other Food Truck Owners.