An agreement can be made by way of written contract, invoice, or e-mail & is legally binding. Listed within Delta Bound's website are the terms, etc. that are absolute. An email confirmation must be made by both parties for any agreed service(s), Except where a written contract, invoice, &/or email stipulates specific terms, the agreement may be voided by either party at any time in writing with the understanding that all fees, outstanding balances, etc. must be paid to Delta Bound at time of cancelation. From time to time, we do require a written contract depending on complexity of the job, but normally emails &/or invoices are used with smaller jobs and are binding.


Payment of Non-Refundable Booking Fee constitutes binding agreement & acceptance of terms, contract, etc. between Delta Bound & Customer and that the Customer has automatically agreed to ALL terms listed here or any other written contract, email, &/or invoice. 
Non-refundable booking fee is paid at time of agreement being accepted. If not paid at that time, any prior written or verbal agreements are non-binding. If contract is unsigned, but yet Booking Fee is paid represents an automatic agreement of terms & is accepted by Customer. Due to the overwhelming demand, we will only accept non-refundable booking fees on confirmed (100% organized) events, etc. (date, time, location). If Customer requests us to place a tentative date & time on our calendar, WE have the right to book another event without notice. We will not accept a non-refundable deposit until event is 100% confirmed & we both agree on the terms. These Fees & minimums are based on Davidson & Williamson County and may change at anytime without notice.

Outside this area, there might be added travel expenses & adjusted fees/ minimums
Sales Tax of 9.75% is added to all charges. 
Cash , Check & all Credit Cards accepted. 3.5% Credit Swiped Card Fee added to all credit card payments in excess of $500. Credit Card manual entry 5% charge.
Any credit card transaction that is made over the phone, the Customer giving the information is allowing Delta Bound and it's owners permission to charge the card without the Customer's signature. This Customer will be responsible for any and all charges, plus any fees (charchback, etc.).
Payment by Check is payable to Delta Bound. In case of Returned Check(s), $50 plus any outstanding bank charges are to be paid to Delta Bound by the Customer. Final Payment(s) are due within 5 days of returned check(s). Late Fee of $50 per day is added until account is paid in full. Payment always due at time of service, unless noted in contract, invoice &/or e-mail agreement. 
Non-payment within 5 days of event, can resort in all legal fees, court costs, mediator fees, arbitration fees, etc. to be paid by Customer.


​We will provide a quote for food & drinks (if applicable)

​We will provide disposable plates, utensils, napkins & plastic cups (if applicable)

We can provide more services upon requests for additional fees.

If the Client would like us to serve each guest, there would be additional fees. Our quote is for Banquet Style service where guests serve themselves.

 Tables & chairs would be rented for an event upon request from Client.  

Our normal upcharge to arrange the delivery is 20% upcharge on top of the rental companies price.  The client may choose to make arrangements if they wish to save the 20% upcharge. If Delta Bound is requested to set this up there will be a line charge on the quote.

​Client is responsible for table clothes, trash, tables (if not requested thru Delta Bound), ice, trash removal, trash receptacles. etc. and anything the client feel they might need.


Pertaining to Delivery Service via 3rd Party 

Delta Bound uses 3rd Party Delivery Services. Each Delivery Service is responsible for confirming each order before leaving our Restaurant. This is the agreement we have with each. Once they leave, the 3rd Party Delivery Service is liable for any all orders/food, etc. delivered to customer. IF you have an issue with your Order, be sure to contact the 3rd Party Delivery Service directly. If you are not able to get 100% satisfaction, please call us at Delta Bound & we will assist. Please make sure to call them first, since the orders go thru their system. If you end up calling us to assist, please give us the name of the person & or/reference number , time you called, your order numbers so we can assist you more quickly. If we do not have this info, we will not be able to assist with 3rd Party Delivery Service. 

We also want to note ANY fried foods, are not going to hold well for delivery.  This is true for ALL restaurants that allow delivery of fried foods. 

As for temp of meats - example -  if you order medium temped patty on your burger, please keep in mind once it comes off the grill, the meat continues cooking for several minutes & if in transit might be medium well/ well done by the time you receive it. We do not cook under medium temp on applicable proteins.

If you have any further questions, you can ask us at Delta Bound. 


Corporate Events - If you are organizing a company event, the organizer is responsible for ensuring that their employees/guests are aware of any restrictions (serving sizes, the menu, allergens, etc.).  If you would like Delta Bound to organize your event, we can provide that service for a fee. Once the menu & number of servings are set, Delta Bound will provide the agreed menu & number of servings.  If for any reason, the employees/guests do not follow the organizers directions on serving sizes, etc., the organizer understands that the agreed number of servings might not be enough.  If you would like to hire servers, we can provide that service for a fee.  


Based on Adjusted Gross Sales: We Donate: 5% on $300 to $1000 & 10% over $1000 All Charitable donations & Special Event Fees can only be made by presenting Delta Bound it's TAX ID # in advance. The figures are based on adjusted gross. Credit Card fees, Tips, Sales tax & $150 setup fee are subtracted from the gross sales. We might negotiate terms based on event. Gourmet Food Trucks are veering away from Flat Fees especially for 1st time events. The reason for %'s is to ensure that the event is not overbooked with Food Trucks or other food vendors and that it is properly promoted. Food Trucks on average are looking to do 40-50 customers per hour. We are flexible with organizers if organizers will do the same. At the end of the day we both have goals to meet. ____________________________________________________________ 

DELTA BOUND FOOD TRUCK WILL NOT RUN AFTER September 30, 2018, BA BLAZE Food Truck will take its place in 2019. This new concept is BA Blaze by Delta Bound, Stacey Mobley is owner & operated of BA Blaze.

IMPORTANT - Dimensions of BA Blaze (Trailer) & More 
Even though we are trailer, we are considered as part of the Food Truck industry. So, Food Truck Experience includes Trailers as part of this experience. 
44 Ft long (w/truck), 8.5 ft wide, & 14ft tall. (approx 7 normal parking spots in a lot). 
We can detach our rig if need be, but we would require extra time & the fee is $50 to detach. We require level ground in order to serve & the necessary room to maneuver trailer & truck. Due to height restrictions underneath our rig, we are not able pull up on curves that can damage our rig. We also ask that low hanging limbs be cut before we arrive in order to avoid damaging our trailer & truck. Any damages to our trailer &/or truck will be the responsibility of the Customer. It is the responsibility of the customer to accommodate our parking needs. Please keep in mind that we cannot park in certain public streets without there being a permit that would need to be pulled by the Customer from local government. Non-compliance of the above, will void agreement(s) except for remaining totals owed to BA Blaze on terms, payment structure, etc. 
Our trailer consists of 4ft Fire Grill & 2x2 Vertical Smoker, we do not have propane, we have the necessary refrigeration, 3 compartment sink, waste & fresh water tanks, hand washing sink in our kitchen & it is powered by a whisper generator. We have 1 service windows on the passenger side. Power must stay on entire time of service which is mandated by Health Codes. For any reason, we are asked to shut off power, Customer takes full responsibility for any & all Code Violations, Liabilities, etc. 
We are fully insured, licensed & permitted. Our commissary is located at our Delta Bound "Southern Food Joint" 5075 Main Street, Spring Hill, TN 37174..


If non-compliance by Customer in regards to the terms, any contract or agreement stipulating or defining more terms be it made by written contract, email, or invoice the Customer will be liable for any and all legal fees to include but not inclusive - court fees, attorney fees, arbitration fees, mediator fees, etc..


We ask the following: 
1. Name of Event, Contact, Location, Date & Time, 

2. How many food trucks are you looking to book? 

3. How many people will be attending the event? This question is critical for booking. This number needs to be very close to actual. 

4. Will there be any free food or drinks given away? 

5. Will there be any non-licensed or non-insured vendors selling food? 

6. Is there enough room to accommodate all food trucks in one area? 

7. Is this a private or open event? 

8. Will this event be heavily promoted?

9. Is it rain or shine? & if so what is rain contingency? 

10. Are you looking for Food Truck Experience or Catering? -note that Food Trailers are considered part of the Food Truck Experience 

These are just a few of the questions we ask. It is extremely important that you not overbook Food Trucks/Trailers at an event. On average each Food Truck/Trailer expects to have 100 covers/tickets/entrees sold per 2 hours minimum. Most food trucks/ trailer can service 100 - 110 people on average in 2 hours.